Graduate Majors and Degrees | Kent State University

Graduate Majors and Degrees

Majors Degrees
  Masters Educational Specialist PhD Audiology
Audiology     PhD    AuD
Career & Technical Teacher Education MA/MEd EdS    
Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA/MEd      
Counseling   EdS    
Counseling & Human Development Services     PhD  
Cultural Foundations MA/MEd   PhD  
Curriculum & Instruction MA/MEd EdS PhD  
Early Childhood Education MA/MEd/MAT EdS PhD  
Educational Psychology MA/MEd   PhD  
Evaluation & Measurement MA/MEd   PhD  
Exercise Physiology MS   PhD  
Human Development and Family Studies Gerontology MA      
Health Education & Promotion MA/MEd   PhD  
Higher Education Administration   EdS PhD  
Higher Education & Student Personnel MA/MEd      
Hospitality & Tourism Management MS      

Instructional Technology

Concentration: Computer Technology General


K-12 Leadership MA/MEd      
Mathematics Specialization MA/MEd      

Nutrition & Dietetics

Concentration: Dietetic Internship

Physical Education MEd      
Reading Specialization MA/MEd      
Rehabilitation Counseling     MA/MEd EdS    
School Counseling MA/MEd      
School Psychology MEd EdS PhD  

Secondary Education

Concentration: Art Education Chemistry/Physics Dance English/Language Arts Earth Science French German Health Integrated Science Latin Life Science Life Science/Chemistry Mathematics Music Spanish Social Studies


Special Education

Concentration: Deaf Education Early Childhood Intervention Specialist General Special Education Educational Interpreter K-12 Mild/Moderate Moderate/Intensive Transition to Work

MA/MEd EdS PhD  
Speech Pathology & Audiology MA   PhD  
Sport and Recreation Management    MA