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Allerton Sports Complex

Weekend Tournament Fees

Rentals will be based on previous partnerships with Recreational Services, with priority given to rental parties that request, at a minimum, the two day rental option.

  1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
Rental Fee $600 $1,000 $1,300
Lighting Fee* $15/hr/field $15/hr/field $15/hr/field
Maintenance Fee $100 $150 $200
Vendor Fee See below See below See below
Other Fees See below See below See below
Deposit Required $300 $500 $500

Please Note: 1 Day - Saturday or Sunday; 2 Days - Saturday and Sunday; 3 Days - Friday evening after 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday
*Lights are paid the full hour to turn on then pro-rated after the first hour

League Fees

League rentals will be based on previous partnerships with Recreational Services and the number of teams that can be ensured. Recreational Services reserves the right to limit the number of weeks that a league plays.

  Rental Fee Per Team
Rental Fee $325/per team, minimum of eight teams required
Lighting Fee Included in team fee
Maintenance Fee Included in team fee
Vendor Fee See below
Other Fees See below
Deposit Required 50% of total amount contracted


All fees are due within 30 days of the conclusion of the tournament and/or event, unless prior arrangements are made.

Lighting Fee: The lighting fee will be charged on a per field per hour basis.

Maintenance Fee: The maintenance fee includes a clean-up fee for use of the facility. This fee is non-refundable and due at the time the deposit is paid.

Vendor Fee: Recreational Services requires vendors or tournament representatives that have items that are to be sold on University property have a license to sell such items.

  • Tournament/League Directors who wish to sell t-shirts for their tournament/league may do so by paying a $25 licensing fee.
  • Tournament Directors/ Representatives who allow businesses to sell items other than tournament related t-shirts on University property must pay a $50 per day fee for rights to sell such items.
  • Recreational Services reserves the right to refuse to allow vendors and/or Tournament Directors to sell items on University property.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be sold, possessed or consumed on University property.

Other Fees

Unusual Wear & Property Damage Fees: Tournament Directors are ultimately responsible for the actions of all persons associated with the tournament. Recreational Services reserves the right to charge or pursue legal action against the Tournament Director and/or persons responsible for unusual wear and damage to University property.

Gate Receipts: Tournament Directors may charge a spectator or admission fee to the tournament, without payment of fees to Recreational Services. Employees of Recreational Services shall not be charged admission to the Allerton Sports Complex.

  • The Tournament Director must ensure that the gate does not interfere with the pathway of emergency vehicles.
  • The Tournament Director must charge a reasonable rate for admission.
  • The Tournament Director is responsible for maintaining the gate area. Recreational Services employees shall not assume any responsibility for this area.

Drying Agent: All rentals will include 4 bags of drying agent per field per day. After the initial 4 bags have been utilized, the Tournament Director will have the opportunity to be charged $12 per bag for any additional bags.