(K/T) Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is Kupita/Transiciones (K/T)?

A. Kupita/Transiciones (K/T) will begin Monday, August 21st and ends Thursday, August 24th.

Q. If I participate in the Kupita/Transiciones (K/T) Program do I have to participate in Welcome Weekend?
  1. Yes, participation in Welcome Weekend is required of all incoming freshmen students.  
Q. What if I cannot attend (at all, or certain events) during the Kupita/Transiciones (K/T) Program?
  1. It is expected that if you register to participate in the program that you will attend all events. It is important that you have an opportunity before the semester begins to learn what is expected, how to be successful, and what resources are available. Please contact the Student Multicultural Center at 330-672-3560 if you have additional questions regarding this requirement.
Q. How much does K/T Cost?

A. It's totally free. The Student Multicultural Center will cover the early arrival fees and meals.

Note: K/T students will use their  mealplan on Thursday.

Q.What is the Kupita/Transiciones (K/T) Program?
  1. The Kupita/Transiciones (K/T) Program is a cultural four-day orientation program for newly admitted students from various ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds. Spanning over a four-day period, students will engage in culturally enriching activities, build bonds with their mentors, upper-class students,Faculty and staff, learn about cultural resources on campus and HAVE FUN!!!!!   
Q. Will I have to pay to stay in my room during Kupita/Transiciones?
  1. The Student Multicultural Center will pay the early move-in fee for all K/T Participants to move into their rooms on Monday, Aug. 21st. Do not contact Residence Service regarding your moving in. 
Q. When will I move into my room?

A. All K/T Participants are asked to arrive on Monday, August 22nd between 7:00am - 10:30am for Check-in.If you are unable to arrive to Kent State University during this timeframe, please contact the Student Multicultural Center at, (330) 672-8143, to receive detailed instructions. 

Please note: If families need additional time to help their student move-in, we reserved additional time in the schedule from 3:00pm - 5:45pm on Monday, August 22nd.

Q. Will I be able to eat on campus? Will I have to use my meal plan?

A. The Student Multicultural Center will cover the cost of meals for participants Monday, August 21st through Wednesday, August 23rd. Students will use their mealplans on Thursday. 

Students:please make sure you bring your KSU ID