Kupita/Transiciones (K/T)

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Kupita/Transiciónes (K/T) is a free four-day cultural orientation and mentoring program for newly admitted African American, Latino American and Native American students. K/T kicks-off with the four-day cultural orientation which begins on Monday, August 21st and ends on Thursday, August 24th, 2017. Spanning over the four-days, students will engage in activities to learn how to successfully navigate their college career by focusing on the cultural and social climate of Kent State University. At the conclusion of the four-day cultural orientation, students seamlessly transition into the mentoring program. The K/T Mentoring Program offers students an opportunity to have their mentor from K/T provide continued assistance, guidance and support throughout their entire freshman year. As we celebrate 29 years this summer, we look forward to you and your families  joining the K/T Family!

Registration for K/T 2017 is now open!

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Salsa dancing during Kupita/Transiciones 2016

KT 2015 students walking to a sessionKT 2015 students walking to a session

KT 2015 Multicultural Student Organization Fair