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Oscar Ritchie Scholars

Welcome Oscar Ritchie Scholars!Oscar Ritchie

Congratulations, you are a recipient of a very prestigious scholarship at Kent State University. Oscar Ritchie was the first African-American male to serve on the faculty of any predominantly white university in Ohio.

Learn more about Oscar Ritchie!

As a scholar, Oscar Ritchie would want you to:

  • Achieve Academic Excellence

  • Get Involved in organizations, committess, etc.

  • Get Involved in a Mentorship Program

  • Become a Mentor

  • Give Back to the Community 

  • Become a Thinker

  • Educate Yourself

Get started to today and begin to build your legacy at Kent State University!

As a scholar, you have an opportunity to participate in the Oscar Ritchie Scholars Initiative. This Initiaitve was created to cultivate opportunties for you to connect, engage and thrive at Kent State University and beyond. This iniative is comprised of three interconnected components:

Academic Achievement

Check out the various programs and iniaitves offered with your respectve college.For more information, please contact your College Representative.

Social and Cultural Enrichment

Explore the social and cultural activities the SMC has to offer!

Are you looking for more in-depth activities? Please provide us with some suggestions by emailing us at