Criminology & Justice Studies Undergraduate Program

The Criminology and Justice Studies program offers a four-year course of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts.  It integrates knowledge and skills from sociology and other social science disciplines with a range of criminology and justice subjects including crime and delinquency, law enforcement, courts, corrections, and law. The program provides an opportunity to understand the foundations, structures and practices of the contemporary criminal and juvenile justice systems, as well as current challenges and controversies. The program prepares its graduates for professional roles in a wide variety of fields and can also prepare students for graduate study, for example in social science or law.


Dr. Pamela Tontodonato
Undergraduate Coordinator for Criminology & Justice Studies

Scholarship Opportunities/Financial Assistance

Many criminology and justice studies majors receive financial aid. Students seeking information on financial assistance or scholarships should consult the Admissions Office and the One Stop for Student Services. Student can view financial aid information on the Student Financial Aid website. Students should also consult with the Program Coordinator or Department Academic Advisor to learn about scholarships in the Sociology Department.

Criminology and Justice Studies Major

The Criminology and Justice Studies Major provides an opportunity to understand contemporary adult criminal and juvenile justice systems and problems, and suggests approaches to the solution of these problems.

Criminology and Justice Studies Minor