Kent State of Well-being is the university-wide effort to promote wellness, focusing on eight key areas. We strive to create a healthy environment and to prioritize the health and wellness of our community. Our department will foster a culture of health and wellness for students and employees at all Kent State campuses.

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Kent State of Well-being is offering Meditation Across Campus, an opportunity to join in with other members of the Kent State community for free, virtual, facilitated meditation sessions with weekly drop-in times available. 

  • Alcohol & Drug Use

    Alcohol & Drug Use

    Alcohol and other drug use are significant concerns for the health, safety and productivity of students and employees. The Kent State of Well-being will include programs and initiatives that focus on education, prevention, intervention and support programming for students, faculty and staff who have an alcohol or drug use disorder or who are in recovery.

  • Mental Health

    Mental Health

    For both students and employees, mental health can make the difference between thriving, struggling, or merely surviving. The workplace can provide support and advocacy for employees with mental health concerns, leading to increased productivity and a reduction in risk factors for other chronic disease.

  • Nutrition


    Individuals' dietary intake over time is closely related to health outcomes such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and cancer. The Kent State of Wellness will intensify efforts to provide education, programs and initiatives for students and employees that focus on food selection, preparation, and accessibility.

  • Physical Activity

    Physical Activity

    The benefits of regular physical activity include decreases in mortality, obesity, coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depressive disorders and cancers. The Kent State of Wellness will seek to incorporate policy, environmental, and behavioral incentive strategies to increase physical activity among our students and employees.

  • Preventive Care

    Preventive Care

    Routine preventive care can lead to prevention or early detection of illness, resulting in better health outcomes, improved quality of life and reduced cost. The Kent State of Wellness will develop campaigns to increase health literacy, awareness, and engagement of our students and employees in preventive care based on risk levels.

  • Sexual Health

    Sexual Health

    As emerging young adults, many college students are exploring their sexuality, often lack accurate sexual health information, and may engage in high-risk behaviors. The Kent State of Wellness will support sexuality education and trainings to encourage awareness and inclusion of sexual and gender identities.

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Smoke-Free, Tobacco-Free University
Our goal is to achieve maximum voluntary compliance through communication about the smoke-free, tobacco-free policy to our students, employees and visitors. The success of this new policy will rely on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of smokers and nonsmokers alike.


Healthy Campus 2020
We joined a cohort of institutions of higher education and other organizations committed to achieving the American College Health Association's Healthy Campus 2020 goals and objectives.


The JED Foundation
Over the last fifteen years, The Jed Foundation has emerged as the leader in protecting the emotional health of America's 21 million college students.