Anglo American University in Prague

Why Prague?

A Historic City with Modern European Charm

The Anglo American University program offers students the opportunity to experience the exciting mix of history and culture that is Prague. Dive into Prague's rich history and unique culture, while enjoying its modern amenities, hip arts scene and European charm. And because of its location in Central-Eastern Europe, Prague is an ideal location to study and travel throughout Europe and the U.K.

Academic Variety: Range of Courses in Your Major

Through our partner university, Anglo-American University (AAU), you can take a range of interesting courses that may fit your major or minor, or fulfill an elective. Academic areas include journalism, communications, business administration, history, IR/political science, social sciences and much more.

Beautiful Campus, Small Classes, Welcoming Community

Based at Anglo-American University (AAU), students will study in a breathtaking 17th century palace featuring small class sizes, individual attention, computer labs, a cafe, fun orientation activities and student clubs, and a diverse and welcoming community where you're sure to make friends.

Personal Growth

You will gain a greater sense of independence, cultural awareness and an expanded worldview -- not to mention travel savvy and great new friendships! Studying abroad challenges you and helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses in new and important ways.