Urgent Care / Emergency Resources

UHS does not provide emergency care. In a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Examples of 911 Medical Emergencies are:

  • Severe difficulty breathing
  • Not breathing
  • Severe choking (eg can't talk)
  • Bluish lips and difficulty breathing
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Head trauma or other serious trauma
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Chest pain
  • Drug or alcohol overdose
  • Change in mental status; suicidal behavior

Also Call 911:

  • When witnessing a crime in progress
  • When a violent crime has been committed
  • When there is a fire - first evacuate the building then call 911
  • When there is a physical or sexual assault
  • When a medical concern cannot be managed or if the condition of a previous illness/injury changes to a medical emergency

Do not call 911 for non-emergency situations. Instead call KSU police at 330-672-2212

When Calling 911, Remember to Provide:

  • Your exact location (room, floor, building)
  • Type of emergency
  • Your name
  • The telephone number you are calling from
  • Give details of emergency as requested and follow the instructions of the 911 operators

Urgent Care Clinics PDF

Urgent Care Hotlines

Urgent Care and Hospitals PHONE
AxessPointe Community Health Center (Kent) 330-673-1016
Cleveland Clinic Akron General (Akron) 330-344-6000
Cleveland Clinic Akron General Express Care (Kent) 330-344-1600
Cleveland Clinic Hospital (Cleveland) 216-444-2200
Summa St. Thomas Hospital (Akron) 330-375-3000
University Hospitals Kent Health Center (Kent) 330-677-7681
University Hospitals PMC (Ravenna) 330-297-0811
Western Reserve Hospital Urgent Care (Stow) 330-688-7900
24 Hour Stress, Suicide
& Depression Crisis
Coleman Professional Services 330-296-3555
St. Thomas Hospital, Ignatia Hall 330-379-9755
Townhall II 330-678-4357
Alcohol & Drug Counseling PHONE
Alcoholics Anonymous 330-253-8181
Narcotics Anonymous 888-GET-HOPE
St. Thomas Hospital, Ignatia Hall 330-379-9755
Townhall II 330-678-4357
24 Hour Violence & Crisis Hotlines PHONE
Akron Rape Crisis 330-434-7273
Cleveland Rape Crisis 216-619-6194
Battered Women's Shelter 888-395-HELP
St. Thomas Hospital, DOVE Program