University Accreditation and Accountability Committee (UAAC)

UAAC Committee Charge

Serve the university by providing guidance, leadership and support to institutional accreditation and effectiveness. The committee works to fulfill this purpose by:

  1. Developing timelines and procedures for accreditation processes within the guidelines of the institutional accreditor (Higher Learning Commission).
  2. Informing, engaging, and involving the university faculty, staff, administration, and students in on-going dialogue concerning university accreditation activities and progress.
  3. Facilitating university community education concerning accreditation criteria, federal compliance, policies, and procedures.
  4. Ensuring that accreditation is an on-going process by working to prepare the assurance argument, routine progress reports and any required special monitoring reports.
  5. Reviewing and monitoring the collection of institutional evidence, progress on Quality Initiative projects and any accreditation recommendations.
  6. Working with and holding the university community accountable to ensure that accreditation activities result in integrated, meaningful, and sustained university improvement.

UAAC Leadership

The Assistant Provost for Accreditation, Assessment and Learning will chair the committee. The chair will be responsible for scheduling meetings, preparing, and distributing meeting materials and other responsibilities requested by the committee. The Chair shall submit an annual written summary report of the Committee’s work to the President and Provost. Presentations will be given to relevant groups upon request and as needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the committee.

The committee will convene at the call of the chair at the start of each academic year. The committee will meet at a minimum of once each semester, but often enough to fulfill the responsibilities of the committee.

UAAC Membership

Committee membership will include faculty representation from each college as well as administrators from major divisions across the university. Additional faculty at large may be appointed by the President and/or Faculty Senate. Past/present peer reviewers for the institutional accreditor will also be invited to serve. In recommending and appointing members to this committee, attention shall be given to faculty and administrators with the responsibility or interest in data collection/analysis, university strategic planning, compliance and accreditation, or activities that support institutional effectiveness.

The terms of the faculty representatives for colleges and at large will be three (3) years, on a rotating basis with no limit on successive terms. The terms of administrators and peer reviewers will be indefinite. For the means of appointment,  the Assistant Provost for Accreditation, Assessment and Learning will prepare a slate of nominees based upon recommendations from the head administrator of the college or division to present to the President and Provost for approval. In the event that a member of the committee is unable to attend a meeting, he or she may designate an alternate from the same constituency by notifying the chair prior to the meeting. The alternate shall have all the rights and privileges of the regular members for the designated meeting.

Committee Members: 2022-2023 Academic Year

Name Role
Susan Perry (chair) Associate Provost, Institutional Effectiveness 
Lori Burchard Director, Sponsored Programs
Nicole DeCaprio Associate General Counsel
Shannon Helfinstine Associate Director, Assessment
Elizabeth Henry Director of Marketing Strategy & Research
Mary Hricko Faculty, Geauga Campus and Twinsburg Academic Center, (HLC Peer Reviewer)
John Jewell Assistant Dean, Academic Student Support Services, University College 
Jessica Marzullo Coordinator, Operations and Special Projects, AAL
Martha Merrill Faculty, EHHS (HLC Peer Reviewer)
Jennifer McDonough Senior Associate Vice President, Strategy Management
Joe Richardson Manager of Communications and Marketing, EHHS
Valerie Samuel Associate Director, Assessment and Accreditation, Student Affairs
Hollie Simpson Associate Director, Accreditation
Audrey Lemmons Project Director, Regional Campuses
Linnea Stafford Director, Institutional Research 
Therese Tillett Associate Vice President of Curriculum Planning and Administration