Academic Resources Q&A

What is the due date for fall tuition?

Tuition is due on Friday, August 6th .

What if I schedule classes after August 6th?

Classes registered for after August 6th will have a tuition due date of Friday, September 24th .

When do classes start?

Fall classes start on Thursday, August 26th

What is the last day I can change my fall schedule without a financial penalty?

The last day to add a full semester class to your fall schedule is Wednesday, September 1st

Is the university closed on Labor Day?

Yes, there are no classes and Kent State offices are closed on Monday, September 6th.

Is there a fall break?

Yes, there are no classes on Thursday, October 14th – Sunday, October 17th. Kent State offices will be open on October 14th & 15th.

Will there be classes on Veteran’s Day?
No, there are no classes on Thursday, November 11th. Kent State offices will also be closed.
When do we get off for Thanksgiving Break?

There are no classes on Thursday, November 24th – Sunday, November 28th. Kent state offices will also be closed.

When will final grades be available?

Students will be able to view their final grades through their Flashline on Thursday, December 23rd.

When will fall tuition bills be available?

Students will receive an email on July 20th alerting them they can view their Ebill through Flashline.

How do I access my student account balance?

The attached instructions will help you locate your balance, provide information on monthly payment plan options, and provide information about how to make payments online:

When do I apply for campus housing?

Campus housing applications are open now.

When can I move into my residence hall?

Move-in dates are determined by the last digit of your room number and starts on Wednesday, August 19th. For detailed information, see this link:

What is the last day I can reassess in math?

Exact dates are not yet available, students have been able to test as late as the week classes begin.