Diversity Outreach, Initiatives, & Resources

Enhance, Evolve, Empower

The A&S office of Academic Diversity Outreach is dedicated to assisting and supporting underrepresented and marginalized student communities. We aspire to enhance these student’s college experience by fostering an inclusive environment where they feel welcome, supported, and have a sense of belonging both within the college and university community. We hope to evolve these student’s skills and capabilities through connecting them to personal, professional, and social development opportunities and resources. We seek to empower these students by providing programs, initiatives, and resources to ensure their overall development and success.

Our mission is to provide relevant information, resources, and support to our BIPOC and underrepresented student populations within the College of Arts & Sciences. Additionally, to assist these populations by offering them useful knowledge, recommendations, and connections to best ensure their academic, personal, and professional development and success.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality of knowledge, resources, and support to our students to best ensure BIPOC and underrepresented populations within our college feel supported, informed, and equipped for success. Furthermore, to ensure our students feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging.

Kristofer Braxton
Meet Our Academic Diversity Officer

Each respective college on Kent’s campus has a designated administrator or faculty appointed to serve as the Academic Diversity Officer (ADO). The ADO’s specific role and responsibilities vary depending on the college, but all share the commonality of serving to support, assist, and advocate for students of color and underrepresented student populations within their college.

The ADO for the College of Arts & Sciences is Kris Braxton. Kris is from Columbus, Ohio and first came to Kent State in 2008 as an undergraduate student. Kris is a proud alum of the College of Arts & Sciences as he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History in 2013. Feel free to reach out to Kris with any questions or concerns regarding diversity, equity, or inclusion related matters. You can reach Kris at kbraxton@kent.edu.

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