CCI Career Exploration

CCI Career Paths

CCI students have a wide variety of career paths from which to choose.  Our schools have outlined some of the types of careers you can expect by program.  


Industry Growth and Trends

Many CCI majors contribute to fields of expected growth according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projections.  Notable areas of growth in relation to CCI programs include:

  • Technology: including digital sciences, web developers, software/application developers, computer systems analytics, management analysts, market research analysts, information system managers and database administrators

  • Information Sciences:  including health informatics , user experience design, artificial and computer and information research scientists

  • Digital Media: including film, video and camera operators, multimedia artists and animators

  • Global Communication: including translators and global studies

Average industry salaries (according to for CCI growth fields include:

  • Emerging Media and Technology: $90,993

  • Health Informatics: $61,350

  • User Experience Design: $72,411


Career Preparation

Here’s a few resources for starting your path to full-time employment.  Your school or advisor may be able to point you to additional resources:

  • Browse Flash at Work: Many employers list employment opportunities on Kent State’s official job board.

  • Make an appointment with Kent State Career Exploration & Development: they can help you prepare your resume and locate internship opportunities.

  • Kent State Career Resources: videos and templates for preparing effective resumes, cover letters, effectively interviewing, applying to graduate schools and more.

  • Attend a job or career fair (various times throughout the year): many of the companies represented at Kent State career fairs have career opportunities for students. CCI holds its own workshops and career events throughout the year. We’ll announce dates to students on the web and via email.