Featured Educators of the Month

September Featured Educators:

Jeremy Foust and Scott Tobias

Jeremy Foust

Jeremy Foust

Graduate Student| Department of Psychology | Kent Campus

Jeremy is being recognized for his innovative approaches to student engagement and commitment to developing his teaching expertise. In Spring 2022, he designed a board game for his students to gain a first-hand understanding of how socioeconomic status can impact health outcomes. Jeremy has committed to promoting opportunities for equitable classroom engagement and student feedback by incorporating Mentimeter activities throughout his classes and earning the Inclusive Teaching Endorsement with the Ohio College Teaching Consortium. Over the past year, Jeremy has earned several Bronze and Silver Teaching Recognition Awards through CTL, and he is currently working towards Gold and Platinum Awards. We can’t wait to see what he does next!


Scott Tobias

Scott Tobias, PhD

Associate Professor |  School of Lifespan Development & Educational Sciences  | Stark Campus

Scott Tobias is being recognized for his desire to make his classrooms, both local and international, positive and welcoming places of Belonging.  He is an associate professor of Human Development and Family Science at the Stark campus, where he regularly teaches courses such as ​Family Life Education Methodology and Family Policy. He utilizes ​Socio-Constructivism and ​Transformative Learning Theory to foster agile and research-informed application of course materials among students. Currently, he is engaged in research exploring how Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory and Mezirow’s Transformative Learning Theory intersect to provide study abroad students deep and impactful learning experiences in their host country. This unites research and teaching, as he encourages students to travel and study internationally. Scott is also a member of the inaugural Belonging Champions Community of Transformation, in which his desire to build community and support his students is abundantly evident. Dr. Tobias is being featured as an exemplar of positivity in his interactions with students, staff, and colleagues.


Past Featured Faculty

Denise Harrison: Associate Lecturer, Africana Studies | Kent Campus

Francisco Torres: Assistant Professor, Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Studies | Kent Campus

Rebecca Frazier: Lecturer, Nursing | Twinsburg, Geauga, Kent Campuses

Ikram Toumi: Assistant Professor, School of Communication Studies | Kent Campus

John Dunlosky: Professor, Psychological Sciences, Director of SOLE Center | Kent Campus

Jessica Leveto: Associate Professor, Sociology & Criminology, College of Arts & Sciences | Ashtabula Campus

Syed A. M. Shihab: Assitant Professor, College of Aeronautics and Engineering | Kent Campus

Elizabeth "Liz" Wagoner: Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences | Kent Campus

Jennifer Mapes:  Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences | Kent Campus

Vicumpriya "Vic" Perera:  Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences | Trumbull Campus

Sarah Andreas: Assistant Professor, Business Management Technology | Tuscarawas Campus

Gina Zavota: Professor, Philosophy | Kent Campus

Kathleen Dwinnells: Associate Professor, College of Nursing | Trumbull Campus

Adam Lockwood:  Assistant Professor, Lifespan Development & Educational Sciences | Kent Campus

Ryan Ballestero: Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting | Kent Campus

Jasmine Hines:  Assistant Professor, Music Education | Kent Campus

Adrienne Erby:   Assistant Professor, School of Lifespan, Development and Educational Sciences | Kent Campus

Eric Taylor:  Associate Professor, Earth Sciences | Stark Campus

Sorina Ailiesei:  Assistant Professor, English | Geauga Campus

David Hacker: Professor,  Geology | Trumbull Campus

Jamie McCartney: Associate Professor, Lifespan Development and Education Sciences | Kent Campus

Donald Gerbig:  Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Tuscarawas Campus

Catrina Palmer Johnson: Assistant Professor,  Department of Management | Kent Campus

Joshua Stacher: Associate Professor, International Relations | Kent Campus

Serena Loftus:  Assistant Professor, Accounting | Kent Campus

Shelley Marshall: Associate Lecturer,  Information Technology | Ashtabula Campus

Jeremy Williams: Assistant Professor, Department of Geology | Kent Campus

Vaneet Kaur:  Assistant Professor, Department of Management | Stark Campus

Linda Piccirillo-Smith: Senior Lecturer,  Africana Studies | Kent Campus

John-Michael Warner: Assistant Professor, Art History | Kent Campus

Christie Bartholomew:  Assistant Professor, Psychology | Trumbull Campus

Loubna Bilali: Assistant Professor,  Modern and Classical Language Studies | Kent Campus

James Seelye: Associate Professor, Department of History | Stark Campus

Daniel Dankovich:  Lecturer, Biological Sciences | East Liverpool Campus

Uma Krishnan:  Professor, Department of English | Kent Campus

R.Z. Zhang: Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting | Kent Campus

Amy Damrow:  Assistant Professor, Foundations, Leadership and Administration | Stark Campus

Rekha Sharma:  Associate Professor, Communication Studies | Kent Campus

Greg Tinkler: Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Kent Campus

Jean Engohang-Ndong:  Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Tuscarawas Campus

Ruth Leslie:  Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry | Kent Campus

Karen Mascolo: Associate Professor, College of Nursing | Kent Campus

Marie Gasper-Hulvat:  Associate Professor, Art | Stark Campus

Chi-hua Chiu-Groff:  Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences | Kent Campus

Helen Piontkivska: Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Kent Campus

Tina Bhargava:  Associate Professor, College of Public Health | Kent Campus

Sharon Sciartelli:  Professor, Psychology | Kent Campus

Robin Joynes: Professor, Psychology | Kent Campus

Andrew Barnes:  Associate Professor, Department of Political Science | Kent Campus

Jennifer Black: Assistant Professor of Dance | Kent Campus

Tamara Honesty: Assistant Professor of Scenic Design | Kent Campus

Joe Ortiz : Professor, Department of Geology  Kent Campus

Jakyung C.  Seo: Associate Professor of Lighting Design | Kent Campus

Stephanie SmithAssociate Professor,  Media and Journalism, Communication Studies  | Kent Campus

Richard Ferdig Professor, Research Center for Educational Technology, Education, Health and Human Services | Kent Campus

Enrico Gandolfi: Associate Professor,  Research Center for Educational Technology, Education, Health and Human Services | Kent Campus

Rachael Blasiman: Associate Professor,  Department of Psychology | Salem Campus

Jeff HustonProfessor, Health Sciences  | Kent Campus

Jill KawalecProfessor and Division Head, Preclinical Sciences and Director of Research, Education, College of Podiatric Medicine | Kent Campus

Wendy Tietz: Professor, Accounting | Kent Campus

Zhiqiang (Molly) WangProfessor, Chemistry and Biochemistry  | Geauga Campus

Nicole WilleyProfessor, English | Tuscarawas Campus

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