Alfreda Brown Diversity Trailblazer Award


The Alfreda Brown Diversity Trailblazer Award recognizes diversity pioneers associated with Kent State University. The award is given to those individuals who have displayed exemplary contributions in the area of diversity to the university community. Nominations may be submitted by all faculty, staff and students of Kent State University. The award recipient is announced during the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.

2020 Diversity Trailblazer Award Recipient, Alfreda Brown

Award Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Eligibility for Diversity Trailblazer Award


  • Any individual nominated for the Award must be a member of the KSU community (all eight campuses). This person could be retired, part or full time faculty or staff member at KSU who shall have completed at least three years of continuous service at the university. 
  • No individual shall be eligible to receive the award more than once every seven years.
  • Nominees for the Award may be an individual whose position responsibilities are not focused on diversity and inclusion, but who routinely and voluntarily makes diversity and inclusion a priority in much of what he or she does; or the candidate may be one whose major responsibilities are implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives, but who also consistently explores unique ways to go above and beyond expectations. Nominees may be responsible for programs, policies, procedures, curriculum, instruction etc. 
  • Nominees are trailblazers with a proven sustainability record and progressive change in areas of inclusive excellence in diversity. These might include, but are not limited to programs, policies, procedures, structures, curriculum, etc. relating to success in diversity at Kent State University.
  • The selection committee members shall not be eligible in the year that they serve, but may resign if recommended for evaluation. 
Selection Criteria for Diversity Trailblazer Award
  • Each candidate shall meet the eligibility requirements detailed above. 
  • The selection committee shall determine that the candidate has clearly demonstrated superior commitment to the enhancement, development and sustainability of inclusive excellence in diversity at Kent State University based on the following:
  • The nominee has a record of proven sustainability and progressive change in the areas of inclusive excellence and diversity.
  • The candidate made significant contributions to the cause of inclusion at Kent State University.
  • The candidate’s achievements have been attested to by persons, both internal and external to the KSU community, who are familiar with achievements in diversity and who are capable of evaluating them.
  • The candidate is or has been involved with and served the KSU community as a whole.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Shana Lee, Director for Diversity and Inclusion Leadership, at (330) 672-8582 or