Study Abroad

The Recreation, Park and Tourism Management program (RPTM) is proud to be at the forefront of Kent State's efforts to provide greater international opportunities to students. International experience contributes significantly to a well-rounded education. Students entering the job market with international experience offer employers perspectives and worldviews, which are increasingly desirable. In 2008, RPTM shared in winning the Phi Beta Delta International Education Award.

There are currently two study abroad opportunities.

Uganda, Africa

Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park

The Uganda study abroad program is offered every Summer Intersession (intersession begins in late May) and runs for three weeks. Learning takes place in national parks, rural villages and on the Nile River. Important global issues such as natural resource conservation and rural development are studied. Students learn trip planning skills, how to be ethical global citizens and experience the important personal benefits which result from international travel and outdoor recreation.

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Dr. Andrew Lepp


The Study Abroad in China Summer Program is scheduled for three weeks from mid-June to July. The first two weeks will be classes in Beijing, followed by a week of travels to other parts of China. While in Beijing, mornings are reserved for classes held on a university campus. During afternoons and evenings, visitation to American businesses and government offices or tours to discover Beijing and the area's major attractions (the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, Imperial Summer Palace, and the Olympics Green) are arranged. These trips provide an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of China's rich cultural heritage as well as its bustling business scene. Destinations beyond Beijing include well-known places such as Shanghai for the 2010 World Expo, the ancient capital city of Xian to see the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum, Guilin in the remote southwest where we float down a national park river on bamboo rafts and ride bicycles among water buffalos, and Inner Mongolia for horseback and camel riding with the tribal nomads.

Three, 3-credit courses are offered: (1) Introduction to Global Tourism, (2) Introduction to International and Intercultural Etiquette, and (3) International Leadership Activities. Course format includes classroom learning, guest speakers, discussion sessions, student presentations, and cultural activities. A special 4th-of-July celebration will take place in a rural school. We will teach the children American games and prepare an American style dinner for them. This will be an experience to be remembered for a lifetime.


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