• Profile Pic Tim Assal
    Assistant Professor
    Vegetation dynamics & disturbance; landscape ecology; biogeography; remote sensing; spatial statistics
    Spatial Ecology; landscape ecology; biogeography; remote sensing; vegetation dynamics & disturbance
  • Kay Amey
    hydrology, Environmental Geology, Hydro-geology, Environmental Geography, Physical Geography
  • Dr. David Kaplan Headshot
    Urban development issues, Geographic manifestations of ethnic identity, Urban segregation patterns, National identity, borderlands and separatist movements, Consequences of global urbanization, mortgage, Urban Planning, Sustainable transportation, Urban issues, Urban transportation, Traffic congestion issues, Segregation, Ethic/Racial Succession, Nationalism, Transportation, Urban Planning-Design, Housing Politics, Ethnicity, Multiculturalism, border regions
  • Jay Lee
    Geospatial Modeling, Geo Information Science, Geography of China, Urban Modeling, Environmental Disparity in Public Health, Geospatial Analysis, spatiotemporal analytics, urban information systems, geography of health, location-allocation studies
  • Dr. Cameron C. Lee
    Applied Climatology, Climate Change, Synoptic Methods, Climate, Climate & Coastal Environments, severe weather, Air Quality
  • Jennifer Mapes
    Urban Geography, Community Planning, Small Towns in the U.S., Kent, town/gown issues, May 4, sustainable cities
  • Photo of Scott Sheridan
    Climatology, Biometeorology, Climate, Climate Change, Climate And Health, Applied Climatology, Health
  • Smiley Photo
    Sub-Saharan Africa, Urban Geography, Water Resources, Development
  • Profile Pic He Yin
    Remote Sensing, Land Use Change, Land System Science, Vegetation Dynamics, Spatial Analysis, 330-672-3220
    Remote Sensing; Land Use Science; Global and Environmental Change; Agriculture; Imagery Analysis