Scholarship Search Checklist for International Students

Steps for starting your scholarship search

Apply for Admission

To be considered for our merit scholarships, you'll need to be an admitted or returning Kent State Student. Get started with your Kent State application today.

What's Your Why? 

Our students all have their “why” for choosing Kent State as an investment in their future. Find out more.

Check Out Kent State’s Scholarship Opportunities

ScholarshipUniverse is our scholarship-matching tool for admitted and current Kent State students. It connects Flashes to millions of dollars in external scholarships.

Many departments have special scholarships for students in their majors. You can also access scholarships that might not yet be in ScholarshipUniverse from the departmental listing, which appears alongside our ScholarshipUniverse login on this same web page.

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Review International Student Scholarship Information

If you’re interested in pursuing international student scholarships offered at Kent State, our Office of Global Education is here to help. As an international student, you’re qualified for many of the Kent State scholarships.

Find a listing of these opportunities

Discover How We Support Sponsored Students

International sponsored students are partially or entirely supported during ‎their academic programs for the cost of their tuition, fees, living expenses and other amenities by ‎governments (U.S. or foreign), international organizations, public or private companies, and other third parties.

Learn about the support we provide to funded students and the governments and organizations that sponsor them.

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Looking for free money for college is going to take as much time, energy and effort as a part-time job. It is worth it.

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