Courses and Internships


Webster Campus

Academic courses and transcript on the Kent State Geneva program are provided by our accredited partner institution, Webster University. Courses are offered in, but not limited to, these academic areas:

  • Business & Management
  • International Relations/Political Science
  • Media Communications
  • Computer Science
  • French Language
  • History/European Studies
  • Psychology
  • Photography & Design
  • Internship Program

Courses are subject to change, and each term new courses may be added or substituted. Students are required to enroll in and maintain full-time enrollment [Undergraduate: minimum 12.0 semester credit hours; Graduate: minimum 9.0 semester credit hours]. Registration for classes will take place prior to departure. It is essential to consult with an academic advisor regarding course selection, and as with any university course offerings, there is a possibility of course cancellation due to low enrollment or other curriculum changes.

Although the program is a typical 16-week semester, academically it is split into two 8-week halves. Therefore, while some courses will run during the full 16-week semester, other courses run for 8 weeks during either the first or second half of the semester (i.e. "Fall 1", "Fall 2", "Spring 1", "Spring 2"). For undergraduate students, it is recommended to balance the semester with full-semester courses and an even number of 8-week courses.  Typically, students will enroll in a minimum of 4 courses to maintain the 12 credit hour minimum.

Students participating in the Internship Program will be required to take a heavier course schedule, due to immigration requirements. See below for more information. From term to term, the course offerings do not change significantly. Therefore, it is recommended to view the courses from the past year in order to gauge what will be offered during your desired upcoming term. The past academic year course offerings are listed below:



  • Fall 2024 
  • Contact for Course List
  • Spring 2023
  • Contact for Course List


One exceptional component of the Kent State Geneva program is the Internship Program. The program comprises two elements: 1) Internship Placement; 2) Internship Seminar Course.

Internships are not guaranteed, and students must apply and meet the required academic qualifications (e.g. GPA 3.3 cumulative, detailed cover letter, resume). The Internship Program is a challenging and rewarding experience, and academic credit is awarded upon successful completion of the internship placement and Internship Seminar course pending home institutional approval.

All internships are non-paid due to Swiss immigration policy, but the Internship Program does award students 3.0 academic credits. There is not a set list of possible internships; each applicant is reviewed and a tailored internship is sought for each eligible student regardless of their major. Given the nature of the internship sites and the work of the organizations, some majors are more feasible to achieve internships for than others. We will do our best to assist all eligible students regardless of their major. There is no exact timeline for when students may learn of an internship offer, although most students do receive an offer prior to departing for Switzerland. Once an offer is made, it is highly recommended that the student accept the offer, as it is rare to receive more than one internship offer.

Interns work 20 hours per week if placed at an International Organization and 15 hours per week if placed at a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Regardless of placement, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours (including the 3 credit internship seminar course).