Graduate Professional and Academic Development

As part of the Division of Graduate Studies’ dedication to your career readiness, graduate students have the opportunity to earn three certifications that display a basic understanding of three different areas:
1.    Research Fundamentals 
2.    Career Planning Essentials 
3.    Professional and Personal Effectiveness

For each certification, graduate students have access to a library of videos related to the topics (accessible by clicking on the area of interest above). 

You may impart what you have learned in your personal, professional, and academic practices. Upon having watched at least three of the videos provided in each of the aforementioned areas, you may complete an assessment that demonstrates your understanding of the video content. You have one attempt for each assessment. Upon earning at least 80% on the assessment, you will be sent a certificate of completion proving your understanding of the content that you may share on your résumé and/or CV.

Certificate  of Completion for Research Fundamentals
Certificate of Completion for Career Planning Essentials 
Certificate of Completion for Professional and Personal Effectiveness

Please contact Kyle Reynolds at with questions.

Access Research Fundamentals video library with closed captioning here via

Access Career Planning Essentials video library with closed captioning here via

Access Professional and Personal Effectiveness video library with closed captioning here via