2020 Voluntary Separation Incentive Program (VSIP) FAQs

I. Who is eligible?
II. Who is not eligible?
III. What payout am I eligible to receive?
IV. How will I receive information?
V. Who can I call with questions?
VI. How do I apply?
VII. I am having trouble accessing DocuSign to complete my forms. Who do I contact for assistance?
VIII. Can I change my mind once I have submitted my VSIP paperwork?
IX. Under the Program, when do the payments begin?
X. Will I be paid for unused sick leave?
XI. Will I be paid for unused vacation?
XII. What happens to my health insurance (Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescriptions) after I separate?
XIII. What happens to my Flexible Spending Account after I separate?
XIV. What happens to my tuition fee waiver after I separate?
XV. Can I save my progress while filling out my VSIP documents in DocuSign and finish filling out later?
XVI. Is there a way for me to view my completed VSIP documents in DocuSign without locating my confirmation email?
XVII. Will the payments (either lump sum, two payments or six payments) be taxed? And will PERS be taken from the payment?
XVIII. If I take the separation plan am I still eligible for unemployment insurance?
XIX. What steps should I take once I have completed my VSIP request through DocuSign?
XX. Where can I find the optional beneficiary election form for the voluntary separation?