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Congratulations to the following faculty members who are receiving tenure: Faculty Name
Paul Creed III, Office of Continuing and Distance Education, was awarded “Certificate in Project Management” by Kent State University on May 2, 2019.
Peter C. Kratcoski, Department of Sociology & Criminology, and Maxmilian Edelbacher presented “Experiential Education as Preparation for Employment in Criminal Justice” at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences in Baltimore, MD on March 29, 2019.
LeAnn Starlin Nilsson, College of the Arts and Brittany Capp, The Fashion School, presented, "Finding A Successful Route: Choosing Your Way Through Probation Roadblocks" at the "NACADA Region 5" in Detroit, MI on March 14, 2019.
Vera Camden, Department of English, Valentino Zullo and Whitney Porter presented "Higher, Further, Faster: Women Leading Superhero Films (and the World),” City Country Club in Cleveland, Ohio on March 14, 2019.



Cassandra Pegg-Kirby, Women's Center, and Susan V. Iverson, co-authored a section of a book, "Seeking Relevance in an Age of Inequity: A Case Study of the Identity Struggle of One Women's Center," University and College Women's and Gender Equity Centers: The Changing Landscape, 1st Edition, (New York, NY: Routledge) Brenda Bethman, Anitra Cottledge, and Donna M. Bickford, (Eds.), (2019), 87-96.
CJ Venable, College of Communication and Information, Kyle Inselman and Nick Thuot, co-authored a section of a book, "Negotiating Fit while 'Misfit': Three Ways Trans Professionals Navigate Student Affairs," Debunking the Myth of Job Fit in Higher Education and Student Affairs, 1st Edition, (Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing), Brian J. Reece, Vu T. Tran, Elliott N. DeVore, & Gabby Porcaro, (Eds.), (2019), 167-192.