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On this page you will find our most recent publication of the Human Resources Newsletter as well as prior editions that you may need to catch up on.  The HR Newsletter is designed to showcase our employees, celebrate accomplishments, and keep you informed of upcoming events.  All newsletters are viewable with Adobe Reader and can be printed as well. 

The HR Newsletter is created seasonally in the spring, summer and fall.  Enjoy your copy today by clicking on the edition below. 

Happy Reading.

Note:  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download your free copy.

November 2017 News Flash (PDF)
August 2017 News Flash (PDF)
May 2017 HR News Flash (PDF)
March 2017 HR News Flash (PDF)
August 2016 HR News Flash (PDF)
May 2016 HR News Flash (PDF)
March 2016 HR News Flash (PDF)
December 2015 HR News Flash (PDF) 
August 2015 HR News Flash (PDF)
May 2015 HR News Flash (PDF)
March 2015 HR News Flash (PDF)
November 2014 HR News Flash (PDF)
May 2014 HR News Flash (PDF)
December 2013 HR News Flash (PDF)