Employee TREK


Registration for Employee TREK has reach maximum capacity for the 2022 program and is currently closed.

NEW for 2022, Kent State faculty and staff at all campus locations can opt into an outdoor hiking/walking program, TREK KSU!

Sponsored by Employee Wellness and Recreation and Wellness Services Adventure Center, TREK KSU encourages participants to get outdoors, reap the benefits of movement and fresh air, and develop their passion for nature and exploration.

The cost of program registration is $10 for faculty and staff, with the remainder of the cost being subsidized by Employee Wellness. Registration cost will include a hiking stick, the TREK KSU flagship medallion, and all subsequent medallions earned by YOU for miles trekked through university-sponsored walking programs, as well as mileage accumulated during your own treks. Participants will also receive a code for $5 off of hiking trips offered by the Recreation and Wellness Services Adventure Center. Learn more about TREK KSU here.

Opportunities to earn additional customized medallions include:

  • Employee Wellness Walk & Talks (unique designs available for spring, summer, and fall semesters!)
  • 25 miles trekked
  • 50 miles trekked
  • 100 miles trekked

All full and part-time faculty and staff are eligible to join the TREK program and will receive the hiking stick and medallions. In addition, full-time, benefits-eligible employees can also earn points toward Tier 2 of the Wellness Your Way Rewards Program! Here are some ways to earn those added points for Tier 2:

  • Walk & Talks are always eligible for points within the Group Exercise category. Just register when you see a Walk & Talk, participate, and earn the points. No verification forms required.
  • We’ve added a new TREK KSU category for Tier 2, where participants earn 25 Tier 2 points for their first 50 miles trekked, plus an additional 25 points for those who trek a total of 100 miles or more before October 1, 2022.

As you participate in treks, use our TREKker form to keep count of the total number of miles you’ve trekked. This will allow us to award medallions as you reach your 25-, 50- and 100-mile milestones, as well as apply Tier 2 points when applicable. See the Attaching Medallions Instructions Page for instructions on how to attach your medallions to your stick.


Employees must register and pay between February 1 and April 25, 2022, to participate in TREK for the 2022 cycle, which runs Feb. 1 - Oct. 15, 2022. Employee Wellness will host periodic distribution dates for your initial supplies and will contact registrants with further information.