Remotely Teleworking during COVID-19

Teleworking During COVID-19

Image of an employee working at homeKent State’s commitment to safely and effectively meet the public health challenge presented by COVID-19 extends to having most university employees work from home in the coming weeks. Because telework may be unfamiliar to employees and supervisors, we have set up this resource to assist you and your team to navigate potential teleworking scenarios. These arrangements must be discussed with your supervisor and may be modified at any time.

This guidance is for supervisors, employees and departments and is designed to help set up temporary remote work arrangements quickly and successfully.

  1. What is teleworking and how does it differ from other forms of remote work? 
    Telework is a work arrangement in which some or all of the work is performed from home. In general, regular office hours are worked and deviations from that schedule require supervisor approval.
  2. Which factors should departments/units consider when determining if telework is possible?
        - Operational requirements 
        - Security of work data 
        - Technological capabilities and equipment necessary to perform job duties 
        - Productivity 
        - Accuracy of records reflecting time worked, particularly by hourly paid employees.
  3. Which job tasks are best suited for working remotely?
    Teleworking is easiest to implement for jobs or tasks that require reading, writing, research, working with data and talking on the phone. 
  4. What’s most important to starting a productive teleworking arrangement? 
    ​​​​​​Clearly outlined and executed teleworking arrangements can prove beneficial to employees and supervisors alike. Supervisors should articulate clear procedures regarding check-in times and hours of availability. This can be done with proper planning, including weekly email updates, staying connected via Microsoft Teams, online chat, etc.
  5. Leave time practices
    Leave time does not change with telework. Sick leave should be reported for any doctor appointments or other qualifying matters provided for in Chapter 6 of Section 3342 of the Administrative Code. Any vacation leave should also be reported if you are taking vacation time during this telework period.

Considerations for supervisors supporting telework

Considerations for teleworking employees