Tier 2 wellness reward planning tool

The Tier 2 Wellness Reward Planning Tool can be used to create a plan for earning your 350 Tier 2 points, to keep track of your completed activities and Tier 2 points along the way, or a combination of both! 

  • Above the navy-blue header row at the top, there is a little box with a plus (+) sign in it. You can use this to expand the columns to show additional information, including how to participate in a given activity and what, if anything, you will need to submit to show your participation in that activity. Click on the box with the minus (-) sign to collapse these columns.
  • Use the "ACTIVITY" column to identify which activities interest you or that you have already participated in. Use the dropdown option in the green boxes under "MY PLAN" column to select the activities you will or have already completed. Selecting "YES" from the dropdown will populate the corresponding number of points for that activity in the "POINTS EARNED" column*. The tool will automatically populate the points based on activities you inserted "YES" for under "MY PLAN" and will add up your Tier 2 totals at the very bottom of the spreadsheet. The totals section also shows how many points you still need toward the goal of 350 Tier 2 points per qualifying period. 
  • To clear an activity from your plan, toggle the dropdown to "NO" or simply delete the "YES". Please note the green "MY PLAN" boxes are the only editable aspect of the spreadsheet..

*Please note that for the Be Well Video Library and Employee Wellness 'pop-up' offerings categories, you will need to input a specific number of points in lieu of "YES" because the points vary for these categories.   

To begin, click on Tier 2 Wellness Reward Planning Tool button below to download and save the spreadsheet to your computer or device.  

Tier 2 Wellness Reward Planning tool                                                                                                       RETURN TO WELLNESS YOUR WAY TUTORIALS AND TOOLS PAGE

If you have questions about how to use this tool, you may contact Employee Wellness (wellness@kent.edu, 330-672-0392) or Phil Nelson (pnelson@kent.edu, 330-672-1916).