College Priorities


Two students, posed and smiling in front of the Inuyama Castle on a sunny day

In order to prepare our students for the 21st century with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to become leaders and professionals in their chosen fields, the College of Arts and Sciences is focusing on these key priorities:

  • Integrated Sciences Building Completion – Support is needed to complete the Integrated Sciences Building lower level, which will include research and teaching spaces for physics labs, AMLCI and the Brain Health Research Institute. Support the Integrated Sciences Building Fund.
  • Merit-, Need- and Talent-Based Scholarships – There is ongoing need for students who have the talent and drive to succeed but who lack financial means. You can contribute to a scholarship that can change the course of a student’s college years and prepare them for life after graduation. Support Merit-, Need- and Talent-Based Scholarships.
  • Neuroscience Undergraduate Program and Brain Health Research Institute – The Brain Health Research Institute frames research themes in alignment with the view that brain health is a window into disease. This collaborative and innovative Institute presents opportunities to examine traditional issues related to brain health, such as protecting against memory loss as well as exploring novel topics like empathy or global citizenship. Support the Neuroscience Undergraduate Program Fund.
  • Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute (AMLCI) – The Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute’s mission is to expand research focus to that of advanced materials research and science. As the AMLCI takes liquid crystal research in a new direction, emphasis will be placed on the ways liquid crystals are applied in biological and medical sciences. Support the Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute Avademic Development Fund.
  • School of Peace and Conflict Studies – The School of Peace and Conflict Studies helps students develop the critical and applied skills necessary to achieve their full potential, enabling them to bring about positive political and social change in their local, national and global communities. The new school hopes to increase scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students and establish internships. Support the School of Peace and Conflict Studies Fund.
  • Study Away/Study Abroad Scholarships – We recognize the value of global education and the implications such an experience can have on students as they embark on their professional journeys upon graduation. We offer 21 programs in 13 countries including our Summer Institute in Florence, Italy. Scholarships will help fund student study away experiences and enhance transferable skills desired by employers today. Support the O.H. Williams Study Abroad Scholarship.

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