Health Care Ethics Minor

Deborah Barnbaum, Coordinatorhealthcare

The Health-care Ethics program is a concentration of courses offered by disciplines concerned with health-care practices and the education of health-care practitioners. The minor is designed to heighten a student's awareness of what constitutes ethical concerns, problems, and activity from the perspectives of various kinds of health-care practitioners, clients, and institutions. Ethics courses present perspectives on ethical life in order to alert the student to the conceptual dimension of ethical activity and the existence of differing and conflicting modes of ethical reasoning.

Students wishing to enter this program need to be certain that required prerequisites of many of the courses within the program are met.


Required Courses:

15 Hours

BSCI 30050 Human Genetics (3)

HED  21050 Health Education Theories (3)

SOC  42563 Sociology of Health and Health Care (3)

PHIL  40005 Health Care Ethics (3)

PHIL  21001 Intro to Ethics (3)

plus 9 additional hours, where no more than 6 hours can be taken in any one cluster


Cluster I:

BSCI 20021 Basic Microbiology (3)

BSCI 40020 Biology of Aging (3)


Cluster II:

SOC  42010 Death & Dying (3)


Cluster III:

HED  14020 Intro to Med. Technology (3)

HED  42041 Health Coaching (3)


Cluster IV:

PHIL  30015 Medicine and Morality* (3) (* recommended but not required)

PHIL  41030 Ethical Theory (3)

Total 24 Hours