Program Overview

Department of Philosophy Graduate Program Overviewbooks-quill

All first and second year students register for the Proseminar (PHIL 69101). Although this course extends through the Spring Semester, students register for it in the Fall only. The program also leaves room for each student to tailor a unique course of study through elective choices.


Year One   Year Two  
FALL Semester SPRING Semester FALL Semester SPRING Semester

51038 Intermediate Logic (3 hours)
Elective (3)
69101 Proseminar (3)

TOTAL: 9 credit hours

60191 Graduate Seminar (3)
Electives (6)

TOTAL: 9 credit hours

60191 Graduate Seminar (3)
69199 Thesis I (4)
69101 Proseminar (3)

TOTAL: 10 credit hours

Electives (6)
69199 Thesis I (2)

TOTAL: 8 credit hours


NOTE: Elective coursework may include one graduate course in a discipline outside philosophy.