7 - 02.4

Administrative policy regarding auxiliary agencies

  1. Policy statement. As recommended by the president and approved by the board, certain university operations, whose income includes substantial amounts of other than imposed fees or appropriated revenue, shall be designated as auxiliary services.
  2. Scope. For budgeting purposes, an auxiliary service is a fiscal entity. The manager or supervisor of each shall prepare an annual report under the direction of the comptroller including a statement of income and expenditures and a description of the operation for the year in review. The following agencies are so classified:
    1. Airport;
    2. Flight training;
    3. Food service, residence halls;
    4. Golf course;
    5. Ice arena;
    6. Intercollegiate athletics;
    7. Parking and traffic;
    8. Kent student center (including bookstore);
    9. Regional campus bookstores;
    10. Regional campus food service.
Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
11/4/1977, 3/22/1982, 4/28/1982, 9/20/2005, 6/1/2007