7 - 02.12

Administrative policy regarding memberships and certifications

  1. Policy statement. Using university funds for individual professional memberships and certifications is generally not permissible.
    1. Under certain circumstances, as described in section (A)(2) of this rule, university funds may be used for individual memberships for professional organizations.  The purpose for the individual membership must be documented and, with the exception of section (2)(c) of this rule, approved by the appropriate executive officer. Approval delegees are allowable provided they meet the requirements as defined in rule 3345-5-04.1 of the Administrative Code.
    2. A payment for an individual membership must meet the following guidelines:
      1. It is essential for the university to be represented in the organization and an institutional or corporate membership is not offered by the organization; or
      2. Membership in the organization is required per the employee’s job description; or
      3. Membership in the organization is essential to the research responsibilities of faculty.
Policy Effective Date:
Jun 15, 2024
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
8/22/2008, 3/1/2015, 12/03/2018