10 - 03

University policy regarding extramural projects, grants and contracts

  1. Statement of purpose. It is appropriate to note some basic university policies and considerations which apply to soliciting and administering extramural support. All extramural support funds should assist and be consistent with the long-range goals of the university and should provide direct educational benefits to the university faculty, staff and students. With this statement in mind, it shall be university policy to encourage extramural support and to enter into agreements with extramural agencies for programs and projects in such areas as research, training, seminars, workshops, graduate fellowships, facilities and equipment, and institutes.
  2. General guidelines.
    1. Such projects should provide faculty or staff members the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of value to their teaching and research or other university activity;
    2. Projects should be justified academically as having the potential for resulting in worthy contributions to knowledge;
    3. Facilities or equipment provided should complement the university's teaching, research or other aims;
    4. Research experience should be made available to students; and
    5. The projects should have public value.
  3. Additional policies and procedures. Because of the fact that the area of extramural support is complex, and the procedures for preparation, processing and administering proposals and programs vary by area of concern, more specific administrative policies and operational procedures have been provided for.


This policy was formerly 3342-3-03.

Policy Effective Date:
Oct 15, 2016
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
11/4/1977, 1/25/1980, 6/1/2007, 3/1/2015