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University policy regarding trustee and administrator participation in university events

  1. Member of the board of trustees may receive up to four complementary tickets to athletic events which they wish to attend.
  2. A trustee, and spouse or one guest, may receive complementary tickets to other university events. For fund-raising event, the trustee may receive complimentary tickets but be given the opportunity to donate to the cause if he/she desires.
  3. University employees, required by virtue of their office or at the request of their vice president to be at university events, or by the function they will perform at the event, will receive complementary tickets for themselves and their spouse or one guest. Other university employees who choose/wish to attend such events will pay the regular price of a ticket to that event.
  4. For university fund-raising events, the university department hosting the event will pay only the actual cost of the event for trustees, university officials and their spouses who are invited as guests. The department may separately invite the guests to make a personal contribution to the fund-raising effort if they so desire. Appropriate and reasonable representation from the office of development should be at all fund-raising events with the expense of the actual cost of their attendance charged to the budget of the office of development.
  5. Invited guests, who receive complimentary tickets and ask to include additional people in their party will be provided ticket(s) at the regular price for the event.
Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
10/25/1991, 6/1/2007