Modern Germany: Politics, History and Culture

This course takes place during the three-week summer intersession in May. Students can take the course and be back in Ohio in time for summer courses and/or work. In the past about half of the students opt to stay longer in Europe. You do have the option to return to Cleveland at a later date. 

Please watch this video about the Germany Study Abroad Course 



The course is built around three areas of Germany – Frankfurt, Erfurt/Weimar, and Berlin/Dresden. There are briefings with policy makers, tours of historic and cultural places, bike tours of cities, and the opportunity to explore cities like Berlin and Potsdam. We also travel between cities via high-speed trains. Students receive transportation passes allowing them to explore each city on their own.

Cost & Amenities

The cost of the trip is $2970 (before tuition) which includes your flight, all lodging, train transportation, nearly all your food, and tours and briefings.

  • The price does not include the cost of the three-credits.
  • We stay in very clean centrally-located hostels that have WiFi.
  • All your breakfasts, lunches and about half your dinners are covered.
  • Each student gets a cell phone.

POL 40995/HIST 49195

This is a three-credit upper-division course in history or political science (student's choice).

Is Germany and exemplar of democratic stability or a country on the cusp of another crisis? How could a country that gave the world Enlightenment and Goethe also give us dictatorship and war? Where is Germany today and where will it be in the future?

Students have the opportunity to examine these questions up close and personal by traveling to Germany and visiting locations that are the center of Germany’s past, present and future.


STUDENT TESTIMONIALS                                                                                                                                       

“The trip was seriously, and I am absolutely serious, the most fun and memorable experience of my entire life; I will never forget it for as long as I live, and the only regret is that it did not last longer . . .I met awesome people with whom I hope to continue to see for a long time to come; I did things I thought that I would never do, or that I thought I would never have the opportunity to do.” – KSU student, Matt Williams.

“I’m going to miss this trip so much. It was a wonderful experience and I can honestly say I’d do it 10 times over. I made 13 new friends and explored countless new things. . . It is really an experience I won’t forget” - KSU student, Dora Bichara

“Everything about the trip. The entire thing was priceless and I’m very lucky to have been apart of it. There wasn’t one minute where I complained about anything. It was truly great.” – KSU student, Michael Marefka

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