DocuSign Bid Response FAQ

Below is a list of common questions, with responses.  If these FAQs do not fully answer your questions, please contact the Kent State Procurement department at

About DocuSign

Where are the proposal bid packages stored?

Kent State does not use DocuSign as a server platform; and it is also regularly purged for security purposes.  All documents, including bid responses, are saved offline in an internal Kent State University secure server, with extremely limited access.

Are DocuSign electronic signatures legally binding?

In 2000, the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act established electronic records and signatures as legally binding, having the same legal effects as traditional paper documents and handwritten signatures. But not all eSignature solutions are created equal. Only DocuSign® warrants federal ESIGN Act compliance. 

How can I submit my response if DocuSign is down?

It's always best not to wait until the last minute to respond, in cases of unforeseen circumstances.  However, should DocuSign be unavailable, first check the DocuSign Trust Status Center.

If you received an API error message, please contact Procurement immediately through email with a screen shot of the message.  This is an internal IT error that will need resolved.

What are some common signing errors?

Submission Concerns

Do I need to create an account in DocuSign to submit a bid?

You do not need to create an account in DocuSign to submit a bid response.  However, you must agree to conduct business electronically.   Additionally, if it is your first time using DocuSign, the program will ask you to adopt a signature when prompted to sign.  You may format the signature for your own preference.  The detailed instruction guide will assist in your submission. 

I started my response before the due time; however, the time officially submitted elapsed. Will my response be rejected?

The DocuSign "Certificate of Completion" signed timestamp is the official and legal time submitted. If the signed date and time is after the given due date and time, the proposal will be rejected.  This includes beginning the Docusign process prior to the bid close, however signing and lapsing the official due time.

You will receive an email from the contract manager if your bid was rejected due to late submission.

I do not have access to a computer, how may I respond to a bid?

DocuSign can be used on any smartphone or tablet device.  Your local library may also offer public-access computing.

How do I attach multiple pages to DocuSign?

DocuSign allows you to upload multiple documents, regardless of the number of pages. If you upload more than one documents, they will appear as one document to the bid's contract manager.  Make sure to upload all the documents you want to send at once.  Otherwise, if you go back to add a second document, the original will be overwritten.  

Also, make sure your file size isn't too large. There is a limit of 25MB per response.  Remember ancillary material can be uploaded separately on Form 1.

Power is out for my entire area, I cannot submit my bid response in time. Will you accept my response if I send a power outage map?

Kent State requires strict adherence to the items and specifications listed.  Under no circumstances, other than a complete national or international brown-out, do we accept late bid submissions.  Electronic submission offers Kent and our bid submitters the opportunity to forego reliance on the postal system or avoid heavy traffic or weather delays. The "Certificate of Completion" time stamp of "Signed" is the bid's official submission.

My electricity is out, may I submit my response when power is restored?

DocuSign is internet-based.  You can respond by smartphone or tablet if you are without power or visit a local library that has access to the public internet. We cannot accept responses after the time due, unless a severe national or international occurrence has disrupted normal business operations.  With that type of circumstance, it is at the Contract Manager's discretion to extend the respond due date and time.