Credit When It's Due

Kent State has collaborated with the Ohio Department of Education and other institutions to assist eligible students with obtaining an associate degree through the Credit When It's Due (CWID) initiative. 

To qualify for the Credit When It’s Due initiative, students must have:

  • coursework from an Ohio community college and Kent State University.
  • completed or be currently enrolled in courses that meet the requirements of an associate of arts or associate of science degree.
  • not previously been awarded a degree.

Those who have met the criteria for the CWID program will receive an email to their Kent State University email address letting them know of their eligibility for the associate degree.

Learn more about CWID by visiting the Ohio Department of Education’s CWID website.


Students with questions about the program should review the frequently asked questions below.

What should I do if I do not want an associate degree?

You should select to opt-out by completing the form that you received in your email.

Will I have to reapply for admission if I earn an associate degree?

No, you will not have to reapply for admission.

Is there any cost associated with taking advantage of this program?

No, there is no charge to take advantage of this opportunity.

Will I need to re-declare my major?

No, you will remain in your declared bachelor’s degree program.

Will earning this associate degree impact my bachelor's degree?

No, earning this associate degree will not impact your bachelor's degree program.

Will earning an associate degree impact my financial aid eligibility?

No, your financial eligibility will not be affected by earning the associate degree.

Will my student loans go into repayment after I earn my associate degree?

As long as you are continuously enrolled at least half time and working on your bachelor’s degree, then no.  However, if you have already used all or part of your 6-month grace period and are not enrolled at least half-time, then possibly. You will need to contact your loan servicer to determine when your repayment will start.

Why did Kent State send me Exit Loan Counseling information?

A student must complete Exit Loan Counseling when they exit the university, drop to less than half-time enrollment status or graduate. You must complete Exit Loan Counseling online, via

I understand that I must be continuously enrolled at least half-time to prevent my student loans from going into repayment. I am not taking classes this summer. Will my loans go into repayment during this time?

Yes, they may.  If you do not intend to enroll in classes for the summer semester, after earning the associate degree in the spring, you will need to contact your loan servicer to determine your eligibility for deferment or forbearance.

Learn more about Repayment

Will I receive the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science?

Bachelor’s Degree

AA or AS



























Will I receive a diploma?

Yes, your diploma will be mailed to your diploma address as it appears in FlashLine. If you do not have a diploma address on file, your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address as it appears on FlashLine. Please check your address for accuracy.

Will the associate degree appear on my transcript?

Yes, your associate degree will be noted on your transcript.

Must I attend commencement to receive my associate degree?

No, you are not required to attend your campus commencement ceremony in order to receive your associate degree. 

Can I repeat a course at a later date if I have my associate degree?

Yes, courses taken as part of a completed associate degree may be repeated under course repeat policy.

Can I use the Academic Forgiveness Policy if I have been awarded an associate degree?

The Academic Forgiveness Policy can apply to any course not used in awarding the associate degree.

If I opt-out of the associate degree can I change my mind and get it?

Yes, you can still choose to earn the degree by completing an undergraduate change of program and applying to graduate.

What should I do if I already have a degree from another college or university?

You should select to opt-out by completing the form that you received in your email.

Still have questions? Contact Melissa Anderson via email at or phone at 330-672-1600.