Guides and Reports

A number of self help guides and reporting tools are available to assist academic departments manage their course sections, room assignments, and physical resources including equipment and door locks. Schedulers are encouraged to take advantage of these resources, and proactively monitor class and section assignments to avoid problems with the Schedule of Classes. In addition to the Conflict Report from the DCU, various Cognos reports are available for schedulers to run on an ad hoc basis to ensure the proper delivery of their sections, and to troubleshoot potential problem prior to the start of the semester. Some of the Cognos reports that can be found in Kent State University > Student > Official > Schedule include:

  • SAAR 096-Schedule of Classes
  • SAAR 097-Section Counts by CRN
  • SAAR 208-Building and Room Schedules
  • SAAR 210-Schedule Sections
  • SAAR 239-Lock Types For Active Courses
  • SAAR 240-Courses where Voice Response is Not Checked