Scheduling Policies

Scheduling Policies for 3 credit hour courses. 

Forced Times


  • All 3 credit-hour classes scheduled in non-exclusive space from 7:45am-2:00pm MUST be scheduled on a 3x50 Monday, Wednesday, Friday or 2x1:15 Tuesday, Thursday time pattern. 
  • Classes that need to be scheduled on different time patterns should be scheduled after 2:00pm.  Courses should still be kept on-pattern outside of the 7:45-2:00pm time block, but the types of patterns can be more flexible after 2:00pm.
  • If a 3-credit course that meets before 2:00pm needs to be scheduled outside of these time rules, the department chair must approve it with the faculty member and then submit a request (with a rationale) to the Provost’s Office for approval.  
  • Requested times are not guaranteed and can be changed by the Academic Scheduling Center in order to produce a conflict-free, fully-roomed schedule.

Requests for pattern forced times will be considered on a limited basis

  • Submit times, but give clearly articulated reasons for the request in the time requirement note
  • Only approved forcible deliveries will be processed in the Timetable
  • Unapproved forced times will be converted to a standard time request

Guidelines for Forcing Days and Times:

  • Whenever possible the delivery must be forced on pattern
  • Whenever possible the delivery must not cross the time blocks
  • Whenever possible the delivery must starts and/or end on pattern

Approved Forcible Deliveries

Extended Deliveries

  • Any deliveries which last more than three hours may be forced.

External Influence Deliveries

  • Deliveries with an external influence may be forced when the days and times are set for that delivery based on factors outside of the control of the university. These include deliveries:
    • At foreign sites
    • In non-academic space such as Ice Arean or SWRC
    • Consortiums
    • Medical facility clinical experiences
    • Performance deliveries with public participation/audience
    • Coordinated across universities or primary/secondary school systems