Requirements for the Sociology minor

Sociology Minors at Kent State University must complete a total of 21 hours of course work in Sociology – 6 hours of required courses and 15 hours of elective courses – in addition to university requirements as specified in the Kent State University Undergraduate Catalog. For additional program information, please see the academic advisor (or undergraduate program coordinator for Sociology). Students are strongly encouraged to seek advising.

Required Sociology Courses
Credit Hours
SOC 12050- Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC 22100- Sociological Analysis 3



Elective Sociology Courses
Credit Hours
12+ Must be Upper-Division Sociology Courses 12
3 May be Lower-Division Sociology Courses 3





Upper Division Elective Courses in Sociology

The Department of Sociology offers many courses related to topics in social inequality, social psychology, health and health care, and the life course. We also offer courses on classical sociological topics such as deviance, religion, and families. Below is a list of our current offerings. Some courses are offered every semester, others are offered once a year. 

Sociology minors at Kent State University may take any upper-division elective course once they have completed Introduction to Sociology and have junior standing. Students minoring in Sociology are encouraged to follow their interests when selecting elective courses from the following topic areas:

Social Inequality
Course Number
Sociology of Sexualities 32565
Minorities in the United States 32569
Inequality in Societies 32570
Sociology of Gender 42315
Wealth, Poverty, and Power 42558
Race and Ethnic Studies 42568
Social Psychology
Course Number
Individual and Society 32400
Self and Identity 42400
Social Structure and Individual Lives 43200
Health and Health Policy
Course Number
Sociology of Mental Illness 42562
Health and Health Care 42563
Life Course
Course Number
Death and Dying 42010
Childhood in Society 42421
Adolescence in Society 42478
Aging in Society 42879
Other Courses
Course Number
Sociology of Families 32560
Urban Sociology 32673
Deviant Behavior 32762
Sociology of Religion 42561
Bureaucratic Organizations 42564
Sociology of Family Violence 42577

A description of each course can be found here. Sociology minors are encouraged to meet with the Undergraduate Coordinator to develop a course plan which combines course diversity and substantive depth in ways that reflect the student’s career objectives.