Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistants hired within the Division of Student Affairs receive a monthly stipend and full tuition scholarship (fee waiver) and gain valuable professional experience in a variety of higher education work environments.

While graduate assistants are employed in most departments/areas within the division, the availability of openings will vary from year to year, department to department.


The Division of Student Affairs employs graduate assistants in the following roles within the departments/areas listed below.

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Center for Adults & Veterans Services

The graduate assistant position in Adult Student Center is year-round (academic year and summer, and periods in between) since the office is open 12 months of the year. The position is that of counselor/adviser and is considered as one of the professional staff in the office. Activities include advising and counseling adults who are interested in returning to the role of student and need guidance in adapting this role to a life already filled with other necessary adult responsibilities. The graduate assistant provides career counseling, academic advising, help with understanding what the academic environment consists of and how the student can prepare and adjust for the changes that occur, sharing and guiding the adult through the institutional processes and procedures, developing programming for this population, writing newsletters, helping with special programs and services designed for adults. Of necessity, candidates applying for the position should have some previous professional counseling experience, preferably in career development. Because of the nature of the activities involved, graduate assistants interact frequently with academic advisors in the major colleges and schools as well as with providers in other student service units on campus.


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Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement offers graduate assistantships in a number of areas, including leadership development, Greek life, student organizations, and commuter student services. Graduate assistants are directly involved in program development and implementation, workshop coordination, one-on-one and group advising, and the day-to-day operations of a dynamic, multi-faceted office environment. Throughout their experience, graduate assistants in campus life work closely with university faculty and staff, community leaders, and a diverse student population. Assistantships are designed to provide relevant experience for individuals seeking full-time professional student activities-related positions.

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Recreational Services

Graduate assistants in the Department of Recreational Services are responsible for assisting in the overall administration and continued development of a comprehensive recreation department. Specific areas of opportunity include aquatics, marketing, and facility management of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and the KSU Ice Arena, outdoor adventures, and technology. Responsibilities in these areas include human resource management, market research, providing quality customer service, budget development, planning, implementing and evaluating programs, risk management, building supervision and setting goals and objectives. Each graduate assistant will create a professional development plan that prepares him or her to attain a position in his or her field upon graduation. Graduate assistants will have the opportunity to work with a diverse population at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and the department's satellite facilities (i.e., the Allerton Sports Complex, the Ice Arena, etc.).

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University Housing

As a residential campus, Kent State University firmly believes that its residence hall system is an integral component of a student's total university education. At Kent State, the University Housing extend a student's education beyond formal classroom study. Its aim is to create living/learning environments that help students develop as individuals, promote learning through student interaction and foster the development of community. Graduate assistants have meaningful and special roles in this purpose. Kent State offers students a broad range of living options including small group housing, apartment housing for families, special interest halls for freshmen, upperclassmen, fine and professional arts majors and honors students, coed or single gender halls. Each graduate assistantship offers opportunities for practical application of student development and counseling theories. Assistantships provide unique opportunities for graduate students to live in residence halls and directly shape the total collegiate experience of students. Practical experience is gained in numerous areas including, but not limited to, the following: area program coordination, hall council advising, student development assessment, diversity issues resolution, leadership development for student staff, minority interest program development, administrative "duty" assignments, conflict management and student conduct facilitation. The comprehensive residence services program at Kent State offers an abundance of opportunities for energetic, creative persons interested in becoming members of a progressive student development team. Exciting day-to-day interactions and challenges with residents, paraprofessional staff and professional colleagues exists for residence services graduate assistants.

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Student Accessibility Services

Graduate assistantships in Student Accessibility Services are designed to give a broad-based view of the needs of students with various disabilities in a higher education setting, and the many services that SAS provides. Responsibilities vary, but may include such tasks as coordinating notetaker services, and/or assisting with transcriptioning or alternative text services, personal and academic advising, assisting with office management, and meeting with prospective students to discuss accommodations and services. Graduate assistants may be involved with coordinating support groups and undergraduate student staff supervision, depending upon their interest and background.

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University Health Services

Graduate assistantship responsibilities in the University Health Services may include service on established committees on sexuality, rape and sexual assault, alcohol and other drugs and providing assistance in planning programs responsive to student needs. Graduate assistants work with members of the Office of Student Health Promotion, Medical Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, and the organization BACCHUS (Boosting Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students) on health-related program, education and promotion needs, provide health counseling to individual students, conduct educational programs in both classrooms and residence halls, and assist in training staff on health-related issues.