Technology Advisory Council | Kent State University

Technology Advisory Council

Our vision is to provide a technologically progressive educational setting that models effective integration of instructional technologies in teaching and learning processes.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Technology Advisory Council (TAC) is to identify and support opportunities for technology integration across the College through research, professional development, and support for implementation. Technology opportunities include any technology that positively impacts the teaching and learning process for students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, this council advises the Dean on technology matters in the College.

Members (2015-16 AY)

Co-Chairs: Julee Henry & Matt Starcher

LDES: Brian Barber & Pena Bedesem

TLCS: Karl Kosko & Joanne Dowdy

FLA: Rosie Gornik & Ning Chuang

HS: Derek Kingsley & Kele Ding

Staff: Tom Stafford                           

Administration: Annette Kratcoski

Graduate Student: Amanda O’Mara

Undergraduate Student: James Yarbrough