At Kent State, our core values of respect and kindness for all demand that we step up to become part of the conversation that leads to a solution that will dismantle the systemic racism that has plagued our communities throughout history, and our university all too recently.

As an institution that promotes learning, discovery and global citizenship under the canopy of diversity, equity and peaceful coexistence, we must do more. We are committed to doing more. Kent State University thanks Black United Students, who has been leading in this area since 1968.

To be open and transparent about our efforts, the university will use this website to keep the university community informed of the anti-racism efforts we are engaged in. Those actions and progress from the past are on this website. We also highlight Faculty/Staff who have been leading the discussion in this area for years through research and the classroom. The website is also home of the the Anti-racism Task Force, which will examine 15 areas of university life: academic curriculum; accessibility; admissions and prospective students; business practices; community engagement; faculty recruitment and retention; graduate and doctoral student life; health and well-being; learning and education; mental health support and services; policies and procedures; safety and security; staff recruitment/retention/ promotion; undergraduate student life; and educating our faculty and staff.

Continue to visit this page periodically for updates as we know this work is on-going and complex.

  • Message from President Todd Diacon

    Message from President Todd Diacon

    Battling racism and prejudice in our own house is not easy work. It requires that we come face-to-face with our institutional flaws. But this work is vitally important, not just for our university community, but for the greater good of our nation and world.

  • Message from Vice President Amoaba Gooden

    Message from Vice President Amoaba Gooden

    The Division of People, Culture and Belonging (PCB) will continue to work at cultivating a campus community that strives for inclusivity, diversity and equity. We believe that we can elevate Kent State to be one of the most welcoming communities in the nation.