Fall 2024 Art Enrichment


Art Enrichment for Youth

Monday Art Enrichment will be offered Fall 2024.

Please check back in August for dates.

Grades K - 8

Center for Visual Arts, Kent State University
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For eight weeks in our Art Enrichment classes, children grades  K - 8 will become art investigators to uncover their relationships with places, spaces, and objects.

By combining art studio activities with discussions of art as it relates to different time periods and cultures, students come to understand the world of art better. Students are organized by cross-age groupings and work with a variety of media to develop their individual artistic skills. Art Enrichment is a student-teacher education program at Kent State University.

Example activities include drawing, painting (acrylic, tempera, watercolor), printmaking, clay, and 3D sculptural materials.

 (Your space will not be held until a Fee Payment and Registration are received.)    

About Art Enrichment

Art Enrichment is a hands-on experience and community outreach program offered by the Art Education division at Kent State University.

Each fall and spring, children grades K - 8 experience an inventive, cutting-edge curriculum provided by our undergraduate students in Art Education. The students in the Teaching Practicum course are responsible for teaching children in our after-school Art Enrichment classes. Supervised by Senior Faculty Member Dr. Koon-Hwee Kan, students plan a comprehensive unit of art study and studio mastery for an assigned age group. The lessons follow a primary unit theme set by the instructor for the semester and a secondary theme developed with teammates for each set of required lesson plans. Individually each student plans three lessons that engage children in looking at art, intelligently talking about art, learning art skills, and creating art.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call 330-672-3100 or email continuinged@kent.edu.