Professional Headshots

Photo of staff getting a professional headshot

Headshots are professional images taken from mid-chest upwards of a person who is wearing business casual or business professional attire.

Consider it a personal brand logo! We recommend all students have a professional headshot to post on their Handshake and LinkedIn profiles.

Career Exploration and Development offers professional headshot photography appointments every week. Look at the weekly schedule below and schedule your appointment in Handshake today!

Benefits of having a professional headshot:

  • Provides a current, accurate photo of yourself
  • Conveys professionalism
  • Reminds a business contact who you are
  • Personalizes the skills and experiences someone reads about you on LinkedIn or Handshake
  • Looks good to help you feel your best!

What to expect from your appointment:

Headshots are located in the Career Exploration and Development office: Schwartz 261 (above the Admissions office). Students who arrive early can utilize the Career Closet, conveniently located in the waiting area. Borrow professional attire for your headshot or take a few pieces home! TIP: Wear dark or bright colors to stand out against the white backdrop. Any student arriving more than five minutes late will be asked to reschedule. Headshot appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

Schedule Today! 

Headshots are available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in Career Exploration and Development: 

Tuesday: 10:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.

Schedule your 15-minute headshot appointment in Handshake today!