Bachelor of Technical & Applied Studies

The Bachelor of Technical & Applied Studies (BTAS) degree is a completer program designed for students with an associate degree or some college-level coursework who wish to begin working toward a bachelor’s degree.

The program accommodates varied educational backgrounds, develops competencies needed for success in a variety of work settings and offers flexibility and scheduling attractive to working students and to time- and place-bound adults.

  • Build on your credits and experience
  • 100% customized to fit your needs
  • 100% online options available


The Technical & Applied Studies degree may be a good fit if you have:

  • Some college credit in a concentrated area
  • An applied associate degree
  • A desire to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to move from a technical role into a supervisory position

The program provides a foundation for further graduate education and benefits students who need additional workplace and professional skills beyond their technical education with hands-on learning, experiential learning opportunities, internships and research projects.

Employers are searching for professionals with a combination of technical expertise and business soft skills; this program provides the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to transition from student to professional.

Many associate degree programs at Kent State University align well with the BTAS degree.


Trumbull U.S. Army veteran Richard Lehman earns a Technical & Applied Studies degree

Richard LehmanAfter an active service-related injury sidelined his military career, Richard Lehman Jr. began exploring his options and working on “Plan B”. And for this college-bound veteran, Kent State University’s BTAS degree would be there for him when the unthinkable happened.

Lehman joined the Army in 2010, deploying to Afghanistan twice just a year later and, then again, in 2014. Just before Christmas 2015, Lehman left the Army on a medical discharge after he sustained injuries while loading 30mm ammunition onto an AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter. 

He returned to the United States, settling in Diamond, Ohio, with his wife, Desiree, and two daughters, Arianna and Arabella. Lehman quickly pivoted and planned his next steps. 

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