Stop by the CCI Study Abroad Pop-Up Lounge in the Taylor Hall Gallery on Thursday, September 21, from 2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. to discover where your study abroad journey can take you.

You were born to explore – to navigate an ever-expanding world of new ideas, new information, new people and new stories. The College of Communication & Information (CCI) is committed to offering innovative coursework, experiential learning, study away programs and internship and service-learning opportunities that expand your perspectives and your possibilities.

We are deeply committed to creating globally prepared citizens and professionals. That commitment is well reflected in our globally engaged faculty, administrators and staff.

250 International students study in CCI
30 Countries
18 Countries hosting CCI courses since 2011


I am not born for one corner,
the whole world is my native land.


- Seneca -