DI Vision and Mission

Design Innovation Initiative’s VISION:

To be innovators, activators and cultivators who evolve strong, collaborative design innovation mindsets in students, researchers and communities across the world.

Design Innovation’s MISSION:

We bring together students, faculty, community and leading experts from diverse disciplines who are thoughtfully addressing technology and society through design to become creative, intersectional problem-solvers and fearless collaborators in the face of complex, messy problems.

The Design Innovation Team VALUES:

  1. Design Innovation as a collaborative mindset and ethos
  2. Student-centered learning and engagement through challenge-based innovation
  3. Empathy, respect and diversity
  4. Addressing human-centered/user-centered challenges
  5. Existing as an “shared by all/owned by none” initiative and ecosystem
  6. Exploring and activating the intersections between fields 
  7. Breaking barriers and biases through cross-disciplinary communication (perspective taking)
  8. Fostering and curating cross-disciplinary teams to tackle challenges through their collective application of knowledge and skills
  9. Creating an environment in which students are intrinsically motivated and externally validated (by creating valuable solutions for others)
  10. Process: for articulating, reframing, deciding, activating and generating novel insights and solutions
  11. Building the propensity for individuals to seek temporary unity with others to create awareness, confidence, capacity and empowerment
  12. Making/Fixing/Exploring/Iterating/Thinking/Doing/Failing/Repeating