Graduate Programs

Explore education from normative, interpretive and critical perspectives with an advanced degree in Cultural Foundations.

Our programs prepare graduates to open up new avenues in their professional lives while also contributing to their communities. Explore our programs below!

Master's Programs

M.A. in Cultural Foundations

Explore education in its social and cultural contexts through a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. Students in the M.A. degree write a thesis on an educational topic of their own choosing. Thesis students work closely with their academic supervisor to generate a thesis topic and design a research study or undertake a scholarly analysis of an issue of interest to the student.

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M.Ed. in Cultural Foundations

Embrace a multidisciplinary approach to education. Gain expertise in areas such as sociology of education, philosophy of education and multicultural studies, positioning you as a leader in promoting positive change in education. The degree program promotes students' responsibilities as change agents in a range of educational settings, including schools, cultural and religious institutions and civic associations.

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Doctoral Program

Ph.D. in Cultural Foundations

Graduates of the Ph.D. program will have the knowledge, critical understandings and interpretive skills to analyze and assess educational policies, theories and practice, and to lead and promote innovation in education, whether in academia or private, public, formal, nonformal or informal settings social contexts, and agencies. Recent Master’s and Doctoral graduates have enjoyed success in positions in foundations and think-tanks, non-governmental organizations, public and government agencies, K-12 school systems, and higher education, both nationally and internationally.

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