Our Mission Statement:

To support faculty in the design, development and delivery of online and distance education. Collaborate with faculty and instructors to produce consistent, engaging and successful online experiences in the College of EHHS. To assist instructors to become confident and effective online educators.

Our Main Services:

  • Online Course Design, Revision, & Maintenance
  • Custom Workshops, Tutorials, Demos, & Training Sessions
  • 1-on-1 Support & Consultations (via Teams)
  • LMS Assistance & Troubleshooting (Canvas/Blackboard)
  • Online (Remote) Teaching Best-practices 
  • Instructional Design - Backwards Design & Alignment 
  • Course & Programmatic Reviews (Quality Matters)
  • Technology Recommendations
  • Promote Instructor Presence, Online Learning, and Engagement 
  • and more…

Contact Us:

EHHS Distance Education

Office Location: 212b White Hall

Thomas Stafford tstsffo2@kent.edu 330.672.3989

Murat Dagistan mdagista@kent.edu 330.672.3952