• Selecting an Area of Interest

    Selecting an Area of Interest

    Selecting one of 13 areas of interest to begin exploring. This is your first step and will be completed before you begin your first semester.

  • Major Action Plan

    Major Action Plan

    Creating a Major Action Plan (MAP) using the results of your career readiness inventory, you will utilize your MAP with an Academic Advisor until you declare a major.

  • Flashes 101 Course

    Flashes 101 Course

    Engaging in the Flashes 101 course (UC 10001) will focus on your sense of belonging as you transition to Kent State University.

  • Coursework With Peers

    Coursework With Peers

    Enrolling in a course with other first-year Exploratory students, providing you with the opportunity to network with your peers and create study groups. Some of the courses include experiential learning components, which promote academic relevance, meaning and an understanding of real-world issues.

  • Career Navigation Course

    Career Navigation Course

    Enrolling in the Career Navigation: Constructing the Possibilities (UC 20010) course during the second semester. In this course, you will learn more about your interests and strengths, make connections, and set career related goals.

  • Exploratory Learning Community Participation

    Exploratory Learning Community Participation

    Joining the Exploratory Learning Community is encouraged. It is a great way to build connections with your peers and gain access to more support through your career and major exploration! 
    Open to all first-year Exploratory students living in Lake Hall, Honors students living in Honors housing, or students commuting to campus.